Issues & Debates in Psychology

Kwok, L. (2022) ‘In focus: cultural bias and ethnocentrism’, Psychology Review, 28 (2), pp.13-15.
Lauren Kwok looks at cultural bias and ethnocentrism in psychological research. This article supports your unit on Issues and debates in psychology.

Curtis, A. (2022) ‘Just enough essential parts: holism’, Psychology Review, 28 (2), p7.
In this issue, we give you ‘just enough essential parts’ to understand this key issue. This article supports your unit on Issues and debates in psychology.

Bridger, K. (2020) ‘Early stress and mental health’, Psychology Review, 26 (2), pp.29-31.
Kay Bridger explores how adverse childhood experiences can impact on adult mental health.

Buglass, S. (2020) ‘Banter and bullying: how far is too far?’, Psychology Review, 26 (2), pp.32-33.
Sarah Buglass explores the fine line between banter and bullying, and what might motivate these behaviours.

Duck, S. (2020) ‘Exploring models of relationship breakdown’, Psychology Review, 26 (2), pp.2-5.
Steve Duck compares and explains his two models of relationship breakdown.

Hofstede, G. J. (2020) ‘Understanding culture: the unwritten rules of the game’, Psychology Review, 25 (3), pp.12-15.
Gert Jan Hofstede digs deeply into what it means to be ‘a culture’ and considers in what ways cultures differ. Followed with: Challenge yourself: complete these activities to check and extend your understanding of this article.

Fisher, H. (2018) ‘Issues and debates in psychology’, Psychology Review, 23 (3), pp.16-17.
Understanding of the issues and debates can be used as part of your evaluation in any exam answer – but you must clearly relate it to the context/question.

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