Sergeant Peak visits Year 12 Law

Mrs Elphick arranged for Sergeant Peak to visit her Year 12 A Level Law students this week. His visit provided information useful to a number of essays the students will be encountering next year, gave an insight into police roles and career routes, and gave the opportunity for some hands-on fun! During his talk, Sergeant Peak gave an introduction to the formation of modern policing at the time of Sir Robert Peel and the nine Peelian Principles. He also spoke about the hierarchy of the policing structure, grounds and necessities which are required for an arrest and how sections of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act are practically applied. He went on to outline the wide variety of roles available – both as qualified police constables and as civilians. The students were particularly enthusiastic about the role of dog handlers when they learnt that the dogs lived with their handler! Sergeant Peak finished his classroom talk by explaining three common routes into the police force: a degree in any subject then an application to the police; a degree apprenticeship with the police from the age of 18; or a degree in professional policing practice followed by an application to the police.

After his classroom talk, Sergeant Peak explained all the equipment he is required to wear as part of his standard patrol wear. He then handed round his very heavy bag of public order wear and Luke gamely volunteered to try it on. He also explained his firearms kit and some of the standard equipment that is carried in the back of police vehicles. Finally, he gave our students the chance to let their inner child free and allowed them to sit in the car and turn the lights and siren on!

It was a very valuable talk and we would like to thank Sergeant Peak for bringing such enthusiasm and passion along with his professionalism. The students asked pertinent questions with many of them interested in a possible career in the police force.

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