Silas Reaches Regional Heats in Articulation Prize

You may have seen our social media and news posts about our students’ journey in the National Gallery’s Articulation Prize. However, if not, before we update you on the latest here is a recap of what has been happening so far.

On the 2nd November fifteen students from our art and design courses went to The Sainsbury Centre for an Articulation Discovery Day. This is the National Gallery’s nationwide public speaking initiative for young people: “Articulation Discovery Days are free workshops for KS5 students to help develop their critical analysis, research and public speaking skills. … During this one-day workshop students will:

  • Explore art works through personal observation, discussion and primary research
  • Be encouraged to think independently, analyse information, and ask informed questions
  • Learn how to conquer nerves, physically prepare, and successfully deliver a presentation to large audiences
  • Meet with and interview art world professionals

    At the end of the day each student will deliver their research and personal responses in short group presentations to the workshop leaders and their fellow students. Students do not need any prior experience, all skills required will be introduced on the day.”
    (National Gallery, 2022)

You can read Ethan and Grace’s experience of the day here.

Following this four students decided to enter the Articulation Programme – this consists of online mentoring sessions to support them in participating in the Articulation Prize. The Prize itself follows on from the skills developed during the Discovery Day and gives students the opportunity to “deliver a 10-minute presentation to an audience about a work of art, architecture or an artefact in a museum or gallery setting. … Adjudicators then asses each presentation as a whole, looking at content, structure, delivery and the speaker’s original approach and unique potential.” (National Gallery, 2022) The first online mentoring took place on 21st November, during which time they were invited to discuss their presentation with members of the Articulation team – Josepha Sanna, Curator and Editor of Word Matters and Art Historian Timothy Revell. The second session was held on 7th December where our students made an impression with their knowledge and passion and were complimented on their vocal presentation styles – projection, pitch and pace were executed wonderfully.

We have now completed the next stage of the Prize with the first round of heats. Mrs Wright explains what happened:

“On 18th January we welcomed three adjudicators to the table to watch and listen to the illustrated presentations from our KS5 students. It is fair to say the students’ passion, knowledge and individual approach knocked the adjudicators off their feet! Each participant was well worthy of the top spot and Mrs Mottley (Head of Art and Design) commented ‘this is the hardest decision I’ve had to make in a very long time’. However, it was Silas Town who is going on to the Regional Heats and will be presenting once again to an audience at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts.

Comments from the participants have been incredibly positive:

  • ‘The overall journey was great. Personally I enjoyed the programme as it developed my overall understanding of the true meaning behand art.’
  • ‘I felt very supported because the teacher always got back to my messages and gave positive and critical feedback to improve my presentation.’
  • ‘I’m now better at public speaking, memorisation and structuring a speech/essay.’
  • ‘The contact feedback was very helpful in support of my development in the programme which allowed me to have the freedom with what style of art I wanted to explore.’

Well done to all involved and keep working on those skills!”

We will keep you posted with how Silas gets on in the Regional Heats!