“One of my best decisions was choosing Sociology as one of my A Levels. I had never studied sociology before DSFC but I am happy to say I haven’t looked back since! The Year 12 topics have proven to be extremely captivating: I particularly enjoyed learning about different perspectives within society and the influence they have on different matters. I have also found myself engrossed in the topic of education as it gives the opportunity for interesting discussions about your own experiences and the experiences of those around you. The best advice I could give to those starting Year 12 is to do your best to stick to deadlines. It will be extremely beneficial in the long run and make the workload much easier. Overall, I have found A Level Sociology to be an extremely rewarding and insightful subject which has made my Sixth Form experience very enjoyable.”


Please complete this bridging work booklet. You will also need to read this article on the role of education.

There are some excellent podcasts which introduce you to a variety of psychological topics including mental health, creativity, ethics, motivation and forensic psychology. Listen to them here; 
There are also lots of very interesting books on themes such as mental illness, persuasion, habit, motivation and evil amongst others. See some suggestions here;
Finally, documentaries on BBC iPlayer and Netflix regarding crime, prisons, education, feminism and class are both fascinating and educational and many link really well to the A level course. Keep an eye out for them!
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