From Marvel to Music and Vikings to Vipers

Vikings, sample-based music, avionic navigation systems, the Chinese snake trade and Marvel characters. What do these five things have in common?

They have all been researched in last year’s cohort of EPQ students (find out more about the EPQ below) and their grades have now been confirmed. Starting in February last year, we were delighted that 28 students chose to take the qualification through to completion submitting their work ready for the exam board in November. This is an increase on last year and the highest number we have had over the past four years. The grades are in and we are thrilled that yet again, over 50% of entrants received an A*, A or B grade and around 90% receiving an A*-C grade. As this is a student-led qualification, this is a testament to their hard work and dedication and every single student should be proud of their achievement in gaining it.

All Year 12 students are offered the opportunity to take the Extended Project Qualification. The EPQ is a highly regarded Level 3 qualification equivalent to an AS Level. It allows students to develop and extend their knowledge of a course subject, or investigate an area of personal interest. The EPQ is an independent research project which can take the form of a 5,000 word report or an artefact with an accompanying 1,500 word research report. Students also complete a Production Log in which they record and reflect on their progress, and present their work to a small group. they are supported by a personal supervisor, the College’s EPQ Coordinator and the Librarian and marks are awarded for project management and reflection as well as research.

Students hone essential skills which positively impact on their other subjects and prepare them for university level study – they are able to demonstrate skills in independent research, reflection and evaluation. project management, presenting, motivation and resilience. Some students have been asked to send their EPQ reports to universities as part of the selection process and it is frequently a topic for discussion at interviews. One university has even published one of our ex-students’ EPQ research!

We are looking forward to starting the EPQ qualification again next month for this year’s Year 12 students and continue to be amazed at the range of topics they choose to focus on.