Year 11 Transition Day

On Wednesday we met 124 Year 11 students wo have applied to study with us from September. Coming from 8 different high schools, they had the opportunity to experience a day as a DSFC Sixth Form student with personalised timetables giving them a taster lesson in the subjects they have chosen, along with the opportunity to meet staff and each other, and learn more about life at the College. At 8.45am they gathered in the Hall for a welcome assembly where they met Mr. Atkin, the College Director, Miss Read, Head of Year, their Tutor for the day and Student Ambassadors. Once organised into their tutor groups they were taken for a tour around the College site.

From 9.50am, the students then experienced half an hour taster lessons in their chosen 3 (or 4) subjects with a short break at 10.50am. Lunch was from 12.10 – 1.10pm when they could sample the food available from the Eco Cafe. On offer were lessons in: English Literature; History; Health and Social Care; Physics; Chemistry; Economics; Law; Media Studies; Children’s Play, Learning and Development; Sociology; Biology; Business Studies; Computer Science; Geography; PE; Maths; Further Maths; Psychology; Philosophy; Resistant Materials; English Language and Literature; Art, Craft and Design; Graphics; Photography; and Fine Art. When not in a lesson, students had two additional sessions. In the Library, Librarian Mrs Chavez outlined the resources and support available and the President and Vice President of the Student Senate, Abi and Ella, explained the Senate’s role in the College. Assistant Head, Mr Brook, delivered a session on sixth form study skills. Furthermore, just like a real College student, their timetables included a free period!

At 2.15pm everyone returned to their tutor groups where they had the opportunity to give their feedback about the day and then heard again from Mr. Atkin who explained the steps between now, GCSE Results Day and starting College in September. As part of their feedback, students were asked what they enjoyed most about their day. Here are just some of the replies:

“The library because the game we played was very fun, and I won a book.”
“Law – it provided valuable insight into the structure and general style of lessons.”
“Photography because we did a practical that kept our minds active and it was fun too.”
“Maths because there were interesting challenges to do and solve.”
“Philosophy because it was very engaging and insightful.”
“Getting to know more about the subjects I’ve chosen.”
“I didn’t have a least favourite activity they were all very good.”

Miss Read, Head of Year, said, “Transition day went really well. It was really nice to get to meet our new cohort and start to get to know them. Students enjoyed seeing all of the option choices and teachers which hopefully gave them a good insight into their studies from September. I am looking forward to results day in August to enroll students onto their courses.”